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by iHome
The iAVS16 is an innovative bedside clock with Far Field Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to play music, audio books, and more. Control smart home devices, get weather, news, traffic and more. Far Field Voice Activation for Alexa commands from anywhere in the room. Streams thousands of music stations via Wi-Fi audio from Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Tune in and others.
The C by GE Sol is an all-in-one smart light that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa. More than a smart light, Sol features visual cues for clocks and timers, manual and automated light temperature variation that allows users to select the perfect hue to fit a mood or to ensure a smooth sleep cycle
Harman Kardon Allure is a voice-activated speaker powered by Amazon Alexa Voice Service in a beautifully crafted design. Thanks to the built-in 4-microphone array, far-field voice recognition enables Allure to hear you from across the room. Its 360-degree sound fills up the room while the bass that you love thunders out from the built-in subwoofer.
The DOSS Deshi is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker with Push-to-Talk capabilities. Encased in a book facsimile exterior, the Deshi blends in easily with your home environment.
by iDeaUSA
This Wi-Fi speaker doubles as a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker and is fully capable of multi-room play, and comes capatible with DLNA and Airplay.
Aud Air
by iLuv
A portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multi-room speaker with Apple and Android compatibility. The Aud Air has the ability to connect with other Bluetooth NFC devices.
Onelink Safe & Sound
by First Alert
Protect your home and family and enjoy a hands-free voice-controlled speaker with a great audio experience at the same time. Introducing Onelink Safe & Sound, the first-ever smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with built-in Alexa Voice Services, so you can enjoy the full suite of features found on Amazon Echo. This 2-in-1 alarm is also powered by First Alert’s trusted technology for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and warns you to danger in your home and its location with an 85-decibel alarm.
Unlike most speakers, Halo works flawlessly with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Combining the two leading wireless protocols offers unlimited connectivity to almost any device. Halo’s audio hardware is designed with premium components and materials; all configured to deliver crystal-clear highs, rich bass, and low distortion.
  • Fully compatible with Alexa and all associated apps and hardware
  • Can integrate into your existing smart home and speaker systems or work as a standalone
  • Slim design and a rechargeable battery make for easy in-home placement
by Centaurus
by SoundBot
SoundBot SB600 Amazon Echo Alexa Compatible Bluetooth Wireless Smart Speaker, HD 5W+5W Acoustic 2x52mm Driver, Speakerphone, Built-in Microphone
The Buddy is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Buddy connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more, instantly. All you have to do is ask. Buddy has seven microphones and beam forming technology so it can hear you from across the room even while music is playing. Buddy is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound.
MK Alexa Speaker
by MK
MK Alexa Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a hands-free Wi-Fi speaker with Powered by Linkplay technology and the Alexa Voice Service, enabling you to play millions of songs from popular streaming music services, pair multiple speakers for a whole-home audio experience, and access Amazon Alexa just call “Alexa”
Soundbox Mini
  • Designed with a smooth rotation control.
  • Soda can size and fabric soft touch.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR technology.
  • Crystal clear 3D surround sound experience.
  • 8 hours play time with 1400 mAh rechargeable battery.
Aud Click Shower
by iLuv
IPX4 Water Resistant Portable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa - Compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones and other Bluetooth Devices
by Naxa
The NAS-5003 is a voice-controlled speaker with Amazon Alexa support by Naxa. With Wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you're guaranteed ease of use with this speaker. It features IPX4 humidity resistance, so you can use with ease in the bathroom.
Magnavox MSH315V
by Magnavox
This speaker is easy to use and fun to keep around, seamlessly listen to music on your favorite music streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify and iHeartRadio with the sound of your voice. You can also connect multiple speakers at once over your WiFi network to share the music throughout your entire house.
DOSS Assistant
DOSS Assistant is an Amazon certified Alexa voice-enabled speaker with touch-sensitive capabilities and Bluetooth function. It’s completely hands-free and you can use Alexa to control smart home devices, play music, read news and more. The LED screen display and sensitive touch panel are designed for easy controlling. Just touch the panel to control the smart speaker, and the LED screen will show you the status of the speaker immediately.
The COWIN DiDa is a compact speaker that packs in quite a lot of power and range for its size, weighing in at just over a pound. It’s a high-quality speaker with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service integrated into it.
by iLive Platinum
Rich tweed fabric and satin metallic accents give the speaker an air of luxurious comfort, while the rechargeable battery keeps your music portable at home or on-the-go for hours.
by Polaroid
Details coming soon.
FABRIQ® Chorus packs incredible sound, multi-speaker connectivity, and Voice Activated Amazon Alexa at an unbeatable price. With a number of fabric patterns to choose from, Chorus is designed to match your mood, your music, your moment.
by iLive
Rich tweed fabric and satin metallic accents give the speaker an air of luxurious comfort, while the rechargeable battery keeps your music portable at home or on-the-go for hours.
The rich and colorful sound that is produced from this small but elegant speaker is due to the wooden acoustic cabinet and premium driver design. Packed with quality features and craftsmanship the AERO is a true value.
Speaker Big Mo
by Bem
Speaker Big Mo is a wireless speaker that's easy to use, totally portable and built with high definition sound performance. Speaker Big Mo is equipped with wireless Bluetooth for easy connection, and Wi-Fi for a more robust experience, with superior range and multiple speaker capability.
by Champion
by Omaker
Omaker Wow is a cylindrical home audio speaker that is integrated with Amazon’s Alexaa Voice Service. It is the first third-party seller designed speaker which has passed Amazon’s far-field voice recognition.
E5 Wireless
The E5 Wireless is a Push-to-Talk Alexa Voice Service speaker, with a sleek and elegant design plus battery life of up to 15 hours. With 4 fullfrequency speaker and 2 subwoofers, the E5 brings a powerful sound anywhere you go.
Aud Click
by iLuv
The Aud Click is a portable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speaker with Amazon Alexa integration.
The Riff by FABRIQ is an interactive voice and touch controlled multi-room speaker that uses Amazon Alexa Voice Service to play music, control smart home devices, set alarms and much more. Just tap on the mic button and ask Alexa. The Riff is a standalone Alexa device and does not require an Echo or Dot.
by JAM Audio
The JAM Voice™ is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker that integrates with Amazon Alexa Voice Service. With up to four hours of play time, the JAM Voice pairs with other speakers in the JAM Wi-Fi family for a whole-home sound solution.
Home Speaker
by iDeaUSA
An integrated battery with up to 3 hours playback for moving from room to room - play different music in different rooms or group several together with independent volume controls.
E3 Wireless
Warm and gentle design for your bedside. Play music directly from the cloud without having to go through your smart phone.
by JAM Audio
The Symphony has exceptional stereo sound, dedicated tweeters, and immense bass. It's perfect for large rooms, such as family rooms and great rooms. Sync up to 8 JAM WiFi speakers for an instant home sound solution — no wiring or installation required.
Mini Home Soundbar
by iDeaUSA
Wifi and Bluetooth supported home speaker for playing movies, watching TV, listening to music, and more. Stream your favorite tunes with customized preset support.
by JAM Audio
JAM Rhythm Wi-Fi Speakers include an intercom that lets you use the microphone in your smartphone to address another room with JAM speakers. May be positioned in portrait or landscape.
by Lowes
Control 6 individual outlets through your smart phone. Each outlet can connect 10,000 LED or 400 incandescent lights. Synchronize your music with the lights you have connected to the Showbox.
Wi-fi audio receiver that allows you to stream music from your phone via Airplay, Spotify Connect, and many more popular services, making your speakers wireless.
Crystal Audio
by Crystal Acoustics
High quality audio speakers: 9 drivers with Balanced Directivity for incredible sound in multiple rooms.
Cloud Fox A1
The Cloud Fox A1 is a wireless speaker that provides up to 6 speaker presets, and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and charging cradle.


The seamless aluminum cylinder body with nano-coating fabric mesh weave gives this speaker its luxurious design. The sophisticated controls are easy to operate, and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
The FD2140 model comes with multi-room capabilities, a customized app that is iOS and Android supported.
Hi-Fi Smart Sound S1
Wi-Fi intelligent cloud speaker with integrated voice control.
Meidong 3119
by Meidong
The Meidong 3119 is fashioned with a 20W Output from Dual 10W Drivers. The bluetooth speaker features advanced DSP chips for adjusting EQ mode automatically according to different music style.Surround stereo sound easily fill a big room, and no distortion.
by Nexum
Memo is a very compact WiFi+Bluetooth speaker. With speakers this size, we push it to the maximum performance to provide you with the optimal experience.
by Omars
Play music wirelessly via bluetooth technology for smart phones and tablets PCs, put aside the traditional connection shackles. Stable and reliable transmission of high-quality audio play back and a wonderful music experience with a super bass effect. Built-in microphone allows support of one-touch answering of phone calls.
by Uyesee
Designed to add multi-room audio functionality to a pair of stereo speakers. Featuring advanced Class D digital amplification, the AM160 Amp delivers channel maximum power per channel, with lowest distortion and high current capability that provides reliable and stable operation.
The MA1 portable speaker holds up to 200 songs in its local music cache, and has a battery life of up to 8 hours. It also remembers up to 3 Wi-Fi networks and has Bluetooth functionality.
CrazyBoa 2Face
by JD
Portable intelligent cloud audio with interchangeable speakers. This speaker is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable.
Intelligent Music Ceiling
by Youzhuan
by Cowin
Thunder is a portable and compact 360-degree wireless surround Bluetooth speaker capable of achieving powerful acoustics. Its unique Lightning mode will give you endless enjoyment exploring the omni-directional 360-degree surround sound effects of your favorite music.
Modern Oxygen Bar
by Hyundai
Intelligent cloud sound from your personal speaker.
Smart JOJO
by Tinman
This powerful small partner for children comes connected to the Internet with unlimited capabilities for expansion.


Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi
by Energy Sistem
2.1 Multi-room audio system with 60W output power and extensive capabilities. Play your favorite songs around the house via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, external memory, or audio-in connections.
Intelligence Tube
by Auna
The auna Intelligence Tube speaker connects to Amazon's cloud-based Alexa Voice Service. The compact speaker box is also ideal for use on the go - the built-in rechargeable battery can play top hits for up to 5 hours. Thanks to the 6 cm subwoofer, the auna Intelligence Tube speaker is particularly powerful in sound and achieves an output power of 6 watts RMS. Due to the special arrangement of the woofer in the housing, the sound is output omnidirectionally in a 360 ° area.
by Medion
Choros Tap
by Tibo
The Visionary TIBO Choros Tap is a Wi-Fi Bluetooth multiroom speaker with Amazon Alexa built in, designed and created in the UK by the TIBO team, perfect for any room.
42-inch TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Voice Support
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Multi-room Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker Voice-controlled hands-free speaker with Amazon Alexa support
MedionX MD43259
by Medion
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that will allow you 8 hours of playback time.
by August
Stream crystal clear lossless sound throughout your home.
DYON Area Player
Surround sound system with Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn support. Link up to 7 Area speakers with flexible EQ control.
Multiroom Portable Wi-Fi
by Energy Sistem
This portable Wi-Fi speaker with 25W output power will make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite songs and control what you hear inside or outside your house through their custom app.
SoundMax 5
by Bauhn
Create the ultimate music listening experience with the SoundMax 5 multi-Room wireless speaker.