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Wi-Fi Audio Modules & Features

Music lovers can hear constant music streaming over their Wi-Fi network without interruptions. Some of our unique features include multi-room and multi-channel play, wireless stereo play, and support for lossless audio formats, Airplay, DLNA and more.

Wi-Fi Audio Software & Apps

Our customizable App provides wireless music streaming that you can control through your iOS or Android device. Our easy-to-use app turns your smartphone into a remote to control music play on all the wireless speakers in your home.

  • Spotify


  • Airplay

  • iHeartRadio

  • Napster

  • DLNA

  • Deezer

  • QQ Music

  • Qobuz


Content Provider Integrations

We’ve integrated many popular music streaming service and internet radio stations like Spotify, Tidal, iHeartRadio and more to come so your users can experience a seamless music experience with their speakers.


by iHome
The iAVS16 is an innovative bedside clock with Far Field Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to play music, audio books, and more. Control smart home devices, get weather, news, traffic and more. Far Field Voice Activation for Alexa commands from anywhere in the room. Streams thousands of music stations via Wi-Fi audio from Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Tune in and others.
The C by GE Sol is an all-in-one smart light that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa. More than a smart light, Sol features visual cues for clocks and timers, manual and automated light temperature variation that allows users to select the perfect hue to fit a mood or to ensure a smooth sleep cycle
Harman Kardon Allure is a voice-activated speaker powered by Amazon Alexa Voice Service in a beautifully crafted design. Thanks to the built-in 4-microphone array, far-field voice recognition enables Allure to hear you from across the room. Its 360-degree sound fills up the room while the bass that you love thunders out from the built-in subwoofer.
The DOSS Deshi is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker with Push-to-Talk capabilities. Encased in a book facsimile exterior, the Deshi blends in easily with your home environment.
by iDeaUSA
This Wi-Fi speaker doubles as a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker and is fully capable of multi-room play, and comes capatible with DLNA and Airplay.
The seamless aluminum cylinder body with nano-coating fabric mesh weave gives this speaker its luxurious design. The sophisticated controls are easy to operate, and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
Multiroom Tower Wi-Fi
by Energy Sistem
2.1 Multi-room audio system with 60W output power and extensive capabilities. Play your favorite songs around the house via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, external memory, or audio-in connections.
Aud Air
by iLuv
A portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multi-room speaker with Apple and Android compatibility. The Aud Air has the ability to connect with other Bluetooth NFC devices.
The FD2140 model comes with multi-room capabilities, a customized app that is iOS and Android supported.
Hi-Fi Smart Sound S1
Wi-Fi intelligent cloud speaker with integrated voice control.
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